Performance Management for Nursing

Manage performance and development of nursing staff



Competency Area

People Development


Manage performance, development and engagement of team

Address staff disciplinary issues

Mediate staff and team conflicts

Manage staff career development frameworks

Assist in identifying staff with high potential and grooming them for leadership positions

Engage team or department and maintain morale of team and staff

Define competencies needed for team or department performance and development

Maintain team discipline

Align staff performance goals

Oversee on-boarding processes

Manage career progression

Set action plans from climate surveys

Manage change

Manage staff grievances

Drive nursing manpower and talent management , succession planning and workplace culture

Drive recruitment, people and talent development and retention strategies

Interpret organisational policies and impact of team performance using workforce intelligence

Drive employee engagement within department

Oversee divisional succession planning

Oversee promotion quota

Work with human resource department to formulate strategies for manpower acquisition and internal capability development

Manage workplace culture and the effect of culture on workforce morale

Drive climate surveys

Set people culture

Communicate organisational goals for people management

Drive change management

Drive a culture of employee engagement and coaching at workplace

Execute open door policies

Engage supervisory groups

Conduct open forums and feedback sessions

Engage employees of different generations