Intervention Implementation in Therapy Support

Provide support to therapists in performing interventions



Competency Area

Patient Care


Assist therapists in performing routine therapy interventions

Apply effective communication techniques

Communicate instructions in a manner that is suitable for the clients’ level of understanding under supervision

Seek information from supervising therapists about the expected client outcomes from the interventions

Assist to conduct appropriate interventions to achieve client goals under supervision

Identify equipment and resources required from treatment plans

Assist to move or transfer clients safely

Handle clients and equipment safely under supervision

Engage and motivate clients during intervention under supervision

Provide inputs on documentation of intervention as instructed by therapists

Report incidents during interventions to therapists

Attend to clients’ adverse reactions to intervention in accordance to therapists’ guidance and instructions

Apply infection control practices for self, environment and equipment

Perform selected therapy intervention tasks as instructed and guided by the therapists

Conduct interventions safely and effectively under supervision of therapists

Lead routine group activities independently

Create a safe environment for group therapy activities

Provide inputs to case note documentation for therapists’ reviews

Execute equipment prescription based on therapists’ prescriptions

Train the clients and caregivers on the function, use and safe handling of prescribed equipment under supervision of therapists

Supervise therapy support students and therapy assistants in assigned clinical areas

Report patient compliance levels on use of prescribed equipment to therapists

Provide support to therapists in performing pre-discharge or discharge visits with guidance from therapists

Document environmental hazards found in clients’ homes by taking photographs and using prescribed checklists and/or templates provided by the therapists

Give feedback to support learning of the therapist assistants