Patient Empowerment on Self-care

Empower patients and family members in self-care management through health coaching



Competency Area

Patient and/or Client Education and Health Promotion


Assist in provide health coaching to patients and/or caregivers for daily activities

Build trust and rapport with patients and caregivers

Assess patients’ and caregivers’ confidence to perform activities of daily living

Guide patients and caregivers on the techniques in performing self-care and use of devices

Provide information to stakeholders on patients’ progress in the self-care management plans

Provide positive reinforcements for improvement in performing self-care management

Support empowerment of patients in self-care management for routine cases

Assist patients in implementing self-care management plans

Determine cultural influences on health teaching

Identify barriers to change including lack of motivation skills or lack of resources

Advocate empowerment of patients in self-care management for routine and complex cases

Assess patients’ individual perceptions of health problems

Perform assessments of patient self-management needs

Design activities to enable patients to make

informed decisions about care and engage in healthy behaviours

Develop self- management care plans to empower patients to achieve self-regulation and self-management of treatment regimens associated with the conditions

Develop systems for the patients to monitor his or her own progress

Perform patient and caregiver education for complex cases

Review effectiveness of patient and caregiver training programmes

Mitigate key barriers to improve self-care management

Implement new or improved patient and caregiver education materials and methods of teaching

Supervise junior nurses in providing patient and caregiver education

Develop systems of communication and guidelines to provide patient advocacy

Develop self-care management approaches, frameworks or guidelines in collaboration with expert panels or professional organisations Provide guidance in development of patient education resources

Create platforms for periodic evaluation, feedback, and revision of patients’ self-care management plans

Collaborate with key stakeholders and patients to align and improve the quality of patient and caregiver education provided

Evaluate technologies to support and/or adopt for self-care management

Coach nurses in innovative behavioural science concepts and strategies to empower patients in self-care management

Collaborate with both internal and external parties to enable patients to manage their conditions and treatment regimes effectively