Individual and Cultural Diversity

Demonstrate awareness and sensitivity in working professionally with diverse individuals, groups and communities who represent various cultural and personal backgrounds and characteristics



Competency Area

Ethics and Professionalism


Apply principles of diversity and inclusion in professional practice

Understand individual and others' assumptions with respect to cultural differences

Recognise the impact of individual and cultural diversity characteristics and the influence on the interactions with others

Recognise possible issues of difference and diversity relating to class, cultural, race, religion, diversity, sexuality, gender preferences, rank, status or power imbalances

Demonstrate sensitivity to diversity and inclusiveness, and adopt non-prejudicial stances

Support the development of programmes and services that promote diversity, inclusion and equity

Recognise, respect and respond to diversity needs and promote diversity

Monitor and apply knowledge of self and others in care settings

Recognise cultural factors that influence professional practice and the response to treatment

Identify and address concerns regarding diversity, inclusion and equity

Implement programmes and services that promote diversity, inclusion and equity in all aspects of professional practice

Employ culturally appropriate skills and techniques in professional practice

Drive an organisational culture that promotes diversity and inclusion practices

Integrate different and complicated belief systems about health and treatments when working with clients and relevant stakeholders

Assess differing diversity needs and issues in professional practice, including assessments, interventions and consultations

Adapt methods, measures and procedures in professional practice to suit sociocultural contexts

Drive collaboration efforts with internal or external stakeholders to develop and implement policies and practices for diversity, inclusion and equity

Review programmes and services to ensure compliance to diversity, inclusion and equity requirements