Group Therapy Planning and Implementation

Plan and provide group therapy interventions



Competency Area

Patient Care


Provide group therapy interventions for routine cases

Identify the purpose and state intended outcomes of group therapy sessions

Select appropriate clients and activities based on objectives of the group therapy

Identify and prepare resources required to conduct group therapy sessions

Provide instructions and demonstrations about the activities and/or use of equipment to the clients

Develop rules for group behaviour with all group members, including consequences for breaches in behaviour requirements

Conduct group therapy sessions based on session plan, independently, using appropriate facilitation and communication strategies

Identify and manage group membership roles that develop in the process of group therapy

Set ground rules for group behaviour and manage group dynamics during the session

Adjust facilitation and communication strategies based on the groups’ needs, responses and targeted outcomes

Ensure safety of the group throughout the therapy sessions

Use evidence-based practice principles to modify and monitor group therapy sessions

Provide follow-up on progress for clients and help them understand the importance of completing the group therapy interventions

Monitor group therapy outcomes and suggest ways to improve delivery

Develop group activity plans for therapy support to execute for specified client groups

Adapt approach to group intervention provision including other healthcare professionals

Provide consultation for the running of group therapy sessions

Review plans developed by junior therapists

Review group therapy outcomes and initiate modifications based on evidence

Identify common group therapy methods or modifications of common group methods

Adapt group interventions considering other professions in session

Manage ethical, legal or social issues that may arise from group therapy

Conduct post-group therapy reviews based on therapy outcomes

Review documentation of group therapy sessions

Plan and provide interventions in the most appropriate setting and/or right-site.

Identify right-siting and/or populations groups which can have group therapy implemented in community settings

Set up classes for populations groups in community settings

Network with relevant community partners to develop sessions plans or training plans

Identify relevant staff to conduct community group therapy

Source for funding for community group therapy sessions

Perform cost-planning for group therapy