Frontline Services Management

Manage patient reception for medical appointment scheduling, registration, and/or patients’ admission and discharge procedures



Competency Area

Department Management


Perform all necessary procedures related to patient registration, admission and discharge

Identify the elements that are important to operate patient reception areas

Maintain the clinic or hospital’s reception areas to organisational requirements

Identify when reception areas or common areas are in need of maintenance

Maintain the functionality and adequacy of office tools, supplies, equipment and documentation

Verify identification documents from patients

Establish patients’ purpose of visit

Attend to patients’ needs in accordance to organisational guidelines

Schedule appointments according to organisational procedures and guidelines

Process patients’ admission and discharge orders

Register the death of patients according to organisational procedures

Assist patients with automated or self-help services

Generate patient appointment lists for clinics in a timely manner in accordance with organisational procedures

Verify appointment list against retrieved patient case files in accordance with organisational procedures

Remind patients of any health check appointments when it is due

Perform complex procedures related to patient registration, admission and discharge

Assist patients that require additional attention immediately

Escalate urgent conditions for medical triage

Explain basic clinic procedures to new patients

Arrange facilities and equipment needed for patients’ appointments and consultations including bed booking

Act as a case coordinator for complicating and conflicting appointments

Encourage patients to participate in health check appointments

Manage frontline service resources to ensure a smooth patient experience and clinic operations

Plan the duration and purpose of time slots for clinics

Reconcile time slots with doctors’ schedule and clinic resources available during slots planning

Identify scheduling problems when appointments fall through

Resolve scheduling errors according to organisational guidelines and procedures

Resolve discrepancies between scheduled appointments against the availability of facilities and other relevant resources needed for medical appointments

Evaluate junior staff’s performance in accordance with clinics’ key performance indicators to ensure they are adhered to

Review the organisational frontline services workflow

Identify key operational processes that require improvement

Review frontline services workflows

Oversee the implementation of workflow improvement activities and initiatives

Assess new or recommended improvements to workflows

Manage the systems and processes to ensure that standards are maintained