Excellence in Service - Health

Create strategies to foster positive customer and/or patient experiences and deliver service excellence throughout the engagement lifecycle



Competency Area

Quality and Patient Safety


Provide customer and/or patient service according to guidelines

Project a professional image and persona in order to maintain the organisation’s reputation and provide a smooth customer and/or patient experience

Demonstrate effective communication skills when interacting with customers and/or patients

Follow organisational processes and procedures to provide prompt and quality customer and/or patient services

Carry out collection of customer and/or patient feedback

Going-the-extra-mile and providing customers and/or patients with a positive experience

Articulate identified customer and/or patient needs and expectations

Attend to customer and/or patient needs through observations

Interact positively with customers and/or patients and adopt a solution focused approach

Go the extra mile, within reason, when delivering service to exceed customer and/or patient expectations

Create a positive customer and/or patient experience by offering customised and personalised services

Identify triggers in the service environment that may lead to potential service challenges

Apply service recovery procedures to respond to service challenges

Identify areas of improvement as per customer and/or patient feedback

Identify challenges that require escalation

Escalate feedback on areas of improvement to enhance the customer and/or patient experience

Escalate difficult situations to supervisors

Identify the customers profiles and their positions within the healthcare sector

Establish customer and/or patient rapport to build customer and/or patient loyalty

Respond to service opportunities and escalated service challenges to reinforce customers’ confidence in the organisation

Maintain customer and/or patient relationships by building their confidence in the organisation

Identify organisation customer and/or patient profiles

Identify organisation’s products or services offered

Provide post-discharge follow-up as required

Follow through feedback and/or escalated complaints

Refer customers and/or patients for appropriate support

Develop servicing partnerships by strengthening the relationships and differentiated experiences

Maintain relationships with existing customers and/or patients

Monitor customer and/or patient satisfaction and identify areas for improvement

Implement continual improvements based on feedback provided

Communicate implemented improvements to customers and/or patients, when appropriate, and seek their feedback on their effectiveness

Guide junior staff on how to improve service delivery and manage touch points

Liaise with other departments to improve customer and/or patient journey

Drive service excellence at an organisational level

Drive service initiatives within the organisation

Review service workflows and processes to ensure hassle-free service across different touch points

Collaborate with other departments to improve the quality of service provided to customers and/or patients