Environmental Assessment and Modification for Physiotherapy

Assess and recommend appropriate environmental modifications based on client needs in their homes, schools and/or workplaces



Competency Area

Patient Care


Make necessary recommendations to facilitate clients’ ability to cope in their environments.

Identify barriers and safety issues during task performance and advise appropriate task modifications to clients and/or caregivers

Assess accessibility and clients’ performance, mobility, transfers and other functions within the house, school and work environment, where applicable

Identify falls risks and hazards and recommend environmental modifications, as appropriate

Ensure assessment data and clinical observations related to the client, context, and performance in environmental modifications are synthesised and interpreted according to current evidence and best practices

Review modification recommendations and evaluate recommendations.

Review effectiveness and safety of environmental modifications and make required recommendations if required

Advocate for the needs of those requiring modifications

Assess modifications against prescribed assistive equipment to determine the appropriate uses

Evaluate existing practices based on trends and evidence- based practices

Develop guidelines and training materials on environmental modifications

Provide effective consultation and training catered to clients’ needs

Provide recommendations and advocacy on environmental modifications at organisational level.

Influence the development of policies and national standards that impact guidelines

Collaborate with relevant government bodies and private stakeholders to plan and implement policies to aid the ageing population

Drive relevant national initiatives by participating in the formulation of policies that contribute to the enhancement of the physical environments to facilitate ageing in place

Initiate and lead specialist inputs on the design of environment for older populations and disabled

Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to ensure conducive and safe environment for clients can be provided