Emergency Care Management in Nursing

Manage patients requiring emergency care



Competency Area

Patient Care


Recognise unresponsiveness, activate emergency services and cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Activate emergency responses

Identify medical emergency situations

Recognise signs and symptoms of deteriorating health conditions

Establish patients’ responsiveness

Activate emergency response systems

Check for pulse and breathing

Perform one-man cardiopulmonary resuscitation and rescue breathing

Perform “First-aid” automated external defibrillator

Adhere to safety guidelines in operating and performing “First-aid” automated external defibrillator

Monitor vital signs

Recognise critical signs of emergencies and provide immediate basic cardiac life support

Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation for adults and infants

Perform relief of foreign body obstruction in adults and infant

Secure airway devices

Confirm effective oxygenation and ventilation for patients

Assist medical professionals in advanced life support procedures

Coordinate nursing actions and/or interventions in managing emergency situations

Prepare resuscitation drugs and infusion drips for administration

Assist doctors in intubation, defibrillation and other emergency procedures

Perform basic electrocardiogram interpretation

Coordinate post- resuscitation care,

Perform documentation of resuscitation events

Ensure availability, readiness and maintenance of emergency care including resuscitation trolleys and equipment, endotracheal intubation

Oversees staff competencies in life support procedures

Ensure staff maintain validity of life support certifications

Perform audit checks on emergency care equipment and devices

Assess clinical competence of staff in emergency care and management

Act as a resource person in emergency care and management

Oversee safe standard practices and supervision of staff in emergency care and management