Effective Client Communication

Demonstrate effective communicative skills when communicating with clients and caregivers



Competency Area

Patient Care


Communicate assessment results, intervention plans, outcomes to clients and/or caregivers

Engage in effective verbal communication and active listening skills

Adopt appropriate communication styles to achieve intended objectives with the intended audience

Communicate with clients and caregivers to deliver care and facilitate the understanding of clients’ needs

Develop rapport with clients and caregivers

Explain clients’ results and therapy plans in a clear and concise manner cognisant of the patients’ health literacy

Discuss and negotiate therapy plans, goals and discharge plans with clients and/or caregivers

Use appropriate communication techniques to convey results, expected goals and outcomes to clients and caregivers

Provide guidance to junior therapists where necessary

Guide clients and caregivers to manage expectations and concerns

Summarise and interpret client assessments for complex cases

Adapt verbal and non- verbal communication accordingly in challenging situations or situations that involve multiple and/or competing interests

Develop and review departmental communication guidelines

Guide therapists on using appropriate communication techniques during client communication

Develop relevant procedures to guide newer therapists in communicating with clients and/or caregivers

Present complex, sensitive or contentious information to relevant stakeholders

Disseminate latest and/or accurate information related to continuity of care to clients with complex conditions

Guide others in producing and delivering effective written and electronic communication to clients