Drug Distribution and Inventory Management

Manage the inventory and the distribution of pharmaceutical products to ensure the quality and integrity of product supply



Competency Area

Drug Compounding and Management


Assist with the distribution of drugs

Perform distribution of ward stock

Process drug orders in accordance with organisational procedures

Identify appropriate drug handling processes and transportation that may lead to medication errors and product deterioration

Perform rotation of stocks and/or products according to usage

Report low or excessive stock levels to supervisors

Check expiry dates and conditions of products at regular intervals

Perform cycle counts and stock-takes

Assist in handling product recalls by retrieving product distribution data in accordance to organisational procedures

Manage drug distribution processes

Liaise with procurement teams

Procure drugs from alternate sources during out-of-stock situations

Liaise with outpatient clinics and other relevant stakeholders to maintain drug supply

Perform stock top-ups adequately to meet minimum quantity levels

Assist in reviews of par levels

Assist in investigations to explain variance in stock

Conduct final confirmation of stock discrepancies

Submit reports for stock adjustment with accompanying reasons for discrepancy

Maintain adequate supply of drug inventory by monitoring stock movement

Identify and report unusual patterns of drug distribution and utilisation to supervisors

Manage exemption and sample drugs & drug recall processes

Extract dispensing transaction histories, contact patients and collect recalled drugs if required

Label recalled drugs and quarantine properly in accordance with organisational standards and guidelines to prevent misuse of recalled drugs during storage in pharmaceutical stores

Verify batch numbers and expiry dates of recalled drugs

Assist in management of defective drugs

Liaise with procurement teams for replacements of recalled drugs

Refer to pharmacists when dealing with possible situations relating to drug replacements

Assist in reporting the product recall details to regulators or organisation management when necessary

Liaise with prescribers on documentation required for exemption drugs

Supply sample drugs in compliance with prescriptions and drug requisition vouchers

Assist in maintaining sample drug inventories

Review drug distribution systems

Monitor product changes

Set minimum quantity levels for new drugs and products

Conduct periodical audit checks on drug distribution

Review current inventory workflows

Suggest improvements to inventory management