Development on Intervention Plan for Physiotherapy

Develop targeted intervention plans according to client conditions and needs



Competency Area

Patient Care


Select and plan for interventions for routine cases independently

Work with clients and/or caregivers to address needs

Perform intervention planning for routine and complex cases based on organisational and/or departmental standards

Demonstrate appropriate prioritisations and client review frequency

Consider personal, environmental and occupational perspectives

Identify clinical outcomes that are likely to be gained from intervention plans

Identify complications likely to develop in the absence of therapy interventions independently

Identify precautionary measures during interventions

Assess clients’ suitability to participate in the intervention plans being considered

Educate clients on their conditions and needs

Integrate assessment findings in intervention planning of other professionals

Monitor clinical outcomes that are evidence-based according to client assessment findings

Communicate intervention plans to clients and/or caregivers

Use technology to complement physiotherapy interventions

Demonstrates flexibility in the modification of intervention plans where necessary.

Successfully negotiate short-term and/or long-term goals with clients with challenging and complex needs

Ascertain clients’ understanding of the problems and the intervention plans

Identify clients’ motivation influences to implement plans

Modify interventions accordingly in response to complex cases

Plan for possible contingencies that may affect intervention plans

Discuss pros and cons and/or risks

Manage risks associated with the intervention plan

Make referrals to other health professionals when necessary

Evaluate clinical outcomes that are evidence-based according to client assessment findings

Develop and implement new and revised clinical practice guidelines

Develop holistic clinical views

Apply latest therapy methods in clients’ intervention planning

Identify most appropriate available assessment methods for evaluation of intervention outcomes

Foster partnerships in delivery & oversight of new tools or trends for intervention planning

Evaluate trends in intervention planning practices in defined client populations

Develop intervention planning clinical practice standards, frameworks or guidelines

Collaborate with expert panels or professional organisations

Employ innovative strategies in intervention planning to achieve desired outcomes

Network with professionals across disciplines and with professional organisations or bodies