Wound Management in Nursing

Provide wound care management in patient care delivery



Competency Area

Patient Care


Assist in wound management

Perform simple wound dressings for simple wounds including laceration, abrasion and stage 1 and 2 pressure ulcer, as guided

Assist with stoma care, including draining of pouch

Report any abnormal condition to Registered Nurse

Perform assessment and wound care management

Perform wound assessments, including staging of pressure ulcer

Evaluate wound conditions

Perform wound dressings

Formulate nursing wound care plans

Perform prevention and management of pressure injuries

Perform removal of staples and sutures

Perform stoma care including change of stoma wafer and pouch

Provide patient and family education on wound care, stoma care and maintenance of skin integrity

Recommend to medical teams appropriate wound products according to wound assessments

Provide advice on stoma care

Document wound assessments and care

Drive evidence-based wound care management and wound assessment across organisations

Perform wound consultancy advice on complex and chronic wounds to medical team and nurses

Evaluate effectiveness and efficacy of wound products

Provide education to nursing staff and medical teams

Develop patient and family education materials on wound care management

Review clinical practices and provide recommendations based on evidence-based best practices

Conduct evidence-based projects

Develop hospital policies on wound management