Research and analyse information to perform valuation for business and financial assets in accordance with applicable frameworks and regulatory requirements



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Perform valuations for business and financial assets and execute risk management processes

Select suitable valuation methods and perform valuation based on chosen method

Analyse the results of financial modelling and derive best issuance options

Carry out stress testing processes

Prepare qualitatively sound and effective cash flow and repricing risk mitigation strategies

Support development of the prospectus and preparation of transaction documents

Perform sensitivity analysis by testing business assumptions

Translate possible mergers and acquisitions (M&A) additional value into future cash flow by performing synergy analysis

Value financial market products from different asset classes based on market liquidity, indices and benchmarks

Use sources of information for industry and business benchmark comparison

Extract information from relevant databases for valuation purposes

List parameters to be considered based on valuation purposes

Review valuation for business and financial assets and develop risk management processes

Determine the strengths and weaknesses of each valuation method

Validate the results for use in decision making according to entity

Recommend suitable valuation methods depending on scenarios

Review analysis and due diligence to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines

Develop and implement behaviour models and management processes to ensure a robust Asset and Liabilities Management framework

Develop stress testing processes

Review relevance and reliability of primary and secondary information

Review relevance and reliability of industry and business benchmark comparisons

Review relevance and reliability of parameters to be considered based on valuation purpose

Articulate relevant databases for valuation processes

Evaluate the information for accuracy and relevance, and oversee valuation

Assess the appropriateness of methods and inputs used for valuation

Identify potential gaps in information to design plan to address these gaps

Evaluate suitability of parameters for consideration

Establish information to guide the team in selecting relevant details to the valuation process

Define objectives for the design of stress testing processes and analytics

Determine if the information compiled is sufficient to arrive at the valuation conclusion