Dangerous Goods Management

Perform specialised services covering dangerous goods operations for regulatory compliance and customer requirements



Competency Area

Workplace Safety and Health


Follow dangerous goods handling processes

Prepare appropriate documents covering dangerous goods

Follow procedures based on dangerous goods classification

Apply appropriate and safe methods to lift and stow dangerous goods

Follow preventative measures for different classes of dangerous goods in case of emergency or disaster

Support implementation of dangerous goods handling in line with compliance measures

Pack, mark, label and stow dangerous goods

Support preparation of dangerous goods documentation by identifying and labelling according to GHS criteria

Enhance vehicle loading, transportation and storage processes based on customer requirements

Apply MSDS to ensure safety compliance

Support implementation of vehicle and storage regulatory requirements

Support interpretation of requirements from International Conventions for dangerous goods

Review compliance and handling of dangerous goods through process assessments

Implement processes to apply appropriate labelling and documentation for dangerous goods packaging

Maintain compliance of dangerous goods documentation by conducting regular checks

Implement relevant and efficient MSDS formats

Implement efficient vehicle and storage regulatory requirements

Deploy user reference guides on shipper declaration forms using DGR manual

Maintain safety standards for toxic materials threshold limits used in the industry

Implement appropriate requirements or thresholds limits for vehicle storage

Maintain compliance of GHS standards and labelling

Drive compliance and handling of dangerous goods

Lead operations in dangerous goods management by providing inputs to safety aspects that apply to transportation, handling and storage

Provide guidance on laws and regulations required for different categories of dangerous goods classification

Drive implementation of dangerous goods operational procedures in accordance to regulatory or customer requirements

Review cargo and warehouse insurance policies and enhance operational processes if required

Develop transportation and storage methods to handle different classes of dangerous goods

Develop emergency response plans covering range of contingencies including fires and explosions, power failures, chemical spillages and leakages