Customer Relationship Management - Stakeholder Management

Establish strategies and practices to manage customer interactions through the customer lifecycle with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth



Competency Area

Customer Relationship and Stakeholder Management


Execute Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation plans

Perform tasks related to implementation of new CRM capabilities deployment strategies

Input data into CRM tools to facilitate downstream tracking of prospective customers, manage accounts and opportunities

Use CRM tools to track calls, emails, to-do lists or create email templates

Locate and enter leads in CRM tools

Add products to leads and opportunities

Use reports to track customer accounts that are at risk

Maintain records and documentation relating to customer relationships

Adapt to any special needs and diversity of customers

Monitor customer satisfaction

Maintain effective regular communication with customers, collect and check customer information with existing records

Engage with customers and execute Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities

Execute plans for implementation of new CRM capabilities deployment strategies

Use CRM tools to track prospective customers, manage accounts and opportunities

Generate reports on customers’ buying history and behaviour

Monitor customer metrics and historical customer engagements

Engage customers to ensure products and services meet customers’ needs

Identify opportunities for cross-selling through customer engagement

Analyse marketing efforts and their impact on customer relationships

Manage customer plans and drive adoption of new CRM capabilities

Develop and manage plans for implementing new CRM capabilities

Manage and monitor optimisation of CRM tools and technologies

Draw and communicate insights from CRM data to fine-tune sales processes

Develop customer journeys

Convert qualified leads to accounts, contacts and opportunities

Review existing CRM programmes

Develop CRM plans

Manage dissatisfied customers or deviant requests

Evaluate returns on investment (ROIs) of customer relationships, and marketing and communication strategies, to develop appropriate customer account plans

Provide insights into desired marketing mixes to build customer relationships

Initiate and drive customer relationships and formulate CRM strategies

Define the applications of CRM technologies, tools and practices in the organisation

Lead identification of current and emerging trends, technologies, competitive landscape and customer expectations in terms of CRM

Assess and recommend investments in CRM capability areas

Drive optimisation of CRM tools and technologies to achieve customer acquisition, engagement, retention, loyalty and conversion across all channels and platforms

Formulate CRM objectives and strategies

Guide operational plan development to support achievement of customer relationship management strategies

Set key performance indicators to evaluate CRM

Build relationships with identified key contacts involved in purchasing decisions

Evaluate customer expectations