Customer Acquisition Management

Develop customer acquisition strategies as well as foster customer relationships to attract new customers



Competency Area

Customer Relationship and Stakeholder Management


Generate insights on target customer characteristics to increase customer base

Execute customer acquisition programmes

Follow up leads to increase potential customer base

Generate leads based on targeted customer characteristics

Provide inputs for improvement in customer acquisition programmes

Carry out research and analysis on customer insights and behaviours, to understand new customer profiles and the preferences and needs of various customer segments

    Provide customers with value-added services relevant to their needs and industries

Secure the commitment of walk-in retail customers to open retail banking accounts, by identifying customers relevant banking needs and relating them to retail banking services

Develop customer acquisition plans to build new customer relationships

Review existing customer acquisition and retention plans

Develop research construct on customer insights and customer behaviours to understand new customer profiles

Recommend customer segments to acquire

Determine personal preferences and needs of targeted customers within market segments

Establish customer acquisition plans to acquire new customers

Manage and develop customer relationships and maintain customer confidentiality, to ensure credibility and attract new customers

Evaluate customer responses to determine if customer needs and expectations are met

Lead development and evaluation of customer acquisition strategies and plans

Develop customer acquisition strategies

Endorse customer acquisition management systems and models to acquire customers

Define target markets and the market profiles

Confirm customer segments to acquire

Guide operational plan development to support achievement of customer acquisition strategies

Evaluate ROI of customer acquisition programmes

Review key performance indicators to evaluate customer acquisition management

Evaluate alignment of customer acquisition strategies to strategic objectives

Identify performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of customer acquisition management

Establish mechanisms to collate and report customer acquisition data