Curriculum Design

Plan and design curricula that fulfil desired outcomes to build workforce capability



Competency Area

Instructional Design


Design curricula to meet training needs at individual, department and organisational levels

Develop curricula for classroom and on-the-job training to meet demands of new services and workforce upgrading

Collaborate with subject matter experts to build curricula for specific services and clinical outcomes

Apply pedagogies appropriate to classroom and on-the-job training (OJT) to achieve the required clinical competencies

Conduct task analysis and design competency blueprints for OJT

Develop assessment criteria and methodologies to certify competencies or programme completion

Apply evidence-based or best practices to achieve return on investments in workforce capability maintenance and/or upgrading

Evaluate training outcomes for subsequent curriculum reviews and improvements

Review and approve curricula

Transform policies/practices through evidence-based education and curriculum development

Guide curriculum development, assessment methodologies and training frameworks to achieve organisational objectives

Endorse curricula for training and development

Direct integration of innovative approaches to curriculum frameworks

Lead development of new curricula

Seek resources for new curricula

Synergise educational resources with internal or external stakeholders to facilitate positive learning outcomes

Form strategic collaborations with local or international educational bodies or institutions for formal education curricula and courses