Credit Risk Management

Establish organisation’s financial and credit policies and frameworks to identify, assess and manage organisation’s credit risk exposure



Competency Area

Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance


Prepare credit risk reports conduct, analyse and assess collection and recovery options

Compile credit data from financial statements to prepare credit risk reports

Input relevant information into credit risk score cards

Assess the credit worthiness of individuals, using credit risk analysis techniques

Evaluate the efficiency of receivables collection patterns in accordance with organisational procedures

Formulate debt recovery plans based on credit risk analyses and reports

Submit credit risk reports to management for approval

Implement credit management controls and processes

Determine the impact of the finance environment on organisational financial strategies and credit policies

Implement and manage credit policies to reduce risks and maximise returns for the organisation

Monitor and evaluate effectiveness credit policies in managing organisation’s finances to attain optimal financial risk levels

Grant credit facilities in consultation with immediate supervisors and in accordance with the organisation’s credit policies

Assess ongoing credit worthiness of customers as part of credit risk exposure management across credit portfolios

Categorise and determine level of credit risks and assess their potential impact on the organisation

Develop and establish financial and credit management policies and systems

Determine organisation's short- and long-term financial needs and credit risk management policies

Determine organisation’s credit risk exposure threshold

Develop and establish financial controls to safeguard the organisation’s financial position

Align credit risk policies with organisational strategies, organisational goals and financial plans

Review results of evaluations and recommend refinements to ensure consistency of financial and credit policies and systems within the organisation

Assess the comprehensiveness of the organisation’s credit framework