Treasury Management

Balance and optimise the organisation’s cash needs and cash balances, to determine the optimal financing of working capital and manage foreign exchange and interest rate exposures



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Analyse working capital and funding requirements and review treasury policies

Analyse and review corporate treasury policies

Implement standard corporate funding solutions

Execute standard cash management solutions of collecting, managing and investing

Calculate the exposure of interest rate risk across different regions, clients and products

Calculate foreign exchange risk exposure

Analyse individual business units and their contribution to the profits and losses to the financial institution

Calculate capital adequacy ratios

Assess the impact of investment decisions manage the cash balances and risk exposures

Implement cash management solutions based on analysis of working capital and funding requirements of the organisation

Evaluate the tangible and intangible economic benefits of the investments

Recommend changes the financial institution’s investment portfolio with the goal of maintaining financial stability and hedging against risk exposures

Identify cash flow gaps

Develop contingency funding plans

Lead the design and implement polices to manage capital, liquidity forex and interest rate

Direct design of cash management solutions, ensuring compliance to treasury guidelines

Review weighted risk calculations and determine capital buffers for the organisation

Validate analysis on organisation’s cash and financial health

Determine funding requirements and endorse funding plans for the organisation

Oversee hedging strategies to manage risk exposures