Therapy Discharge Planning

Assess clients’ readiness for discharge, and identify appropriate follow-up on the care to be provided to patients and/or clients



Competency Area

Patient Care


Plan clients’ discharge and assess readiness for discharge for routine cases

Perform individual needs assessments required for discharge purposes

Assess the adequacy of the services to meet post- discharge needs

Formulate discharge plans with multi-disciplinary teams

Prepare discharge documentations and appropriate handover

Engage and educate clients and their caregivers on effective self-management

Review efficacy of discharge plans developed by junior therapists.

Perform assessments required for complex cases

Formulate discharge plans for complex cases

Review reasons for client readmissions

Recommend post- discharge alternatives where deviations from discharge plans occur

Review discharge plans developed by junior therapists

Develop frameworks and procedures relevant to discharge planning

Develop guidelines and procedures in performing discharge planning

Foster partnerships with external stakeholders to enhance continuity of care

Streamline procedures and processes for discharge planning

Drive adoption of emerging technology to expedite and facilitate discharge processes