Strategy Management

Develop and implement plans to achieve organisational and departmental strategies



Competency Area

General Management


Implement nursing strategic plans

Determine resource needs to ensure successful implementation of nursing strategies

Conduct strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analyses of nursing workforce and services

Plan nursing resource management allocation plans to maximise effective use of funds and manpower resources

Develop strategy implementation and change management plans

Implement strategic plans

Implement actionable and practical change management plans

Propose solutions to gaps and areas of improvement to ensure successful implementation

Report implementation progress

Formulate nursing strategic plans

Analyse nursing workforce, services capability and capacity gaps

Drive effective nursing resource allocation with a focus on national healthcare priorities

Develop strategy plans for nursing division

Formulate actionable and practical plans for nursing functions to achieve strategic goals

Endorse nursing strategic plans

Identify strategic goals of the nursing functions and the organisation

Set nursing strategic directions, goals and targets

Synergise resource allocation to drive nursing performance