Strategy Execution

Develop and implement plans to achieve organisational and departmental strategies and goals



Competency Area

General Management


Support the implementation of department strategic plans

Contribute to the implementation of department strategies

Identify gaps and provide suggestions for improvements during implementation

Execute activities outlined by the department or organisation strategic plans

Revise standard operating procedures (SOPs) based on implementation plans


Translate strategies to plans

Review impact of implementation plans

Review department operations and refine plans

Develop and outline implementation activities based on strategies and implementation roadmaps

Track and refine implementation plans and activities

Lead strategy implementation for the department, cross- department or organisation

Analyse trends and benchmark against leading practices, and propose refinements to organisational strategies

Maintain risk profiles of critical business functions

Review department’s, cross-department’s or institution’s implementation plans and activities

Evaluate and refine strategic plans

Shape strategic implementation at cluster or national level

Drive strategic plans for the organisation aligned to organisation’s short- and long-term strategies

Formulate actionable and practical plans for critical business functions

Formulate organisation strategies and anticipate internal

factors, external risk and critical factors of the business appropriately