Continuous Improvement Management

Apply continuous improvement processes to optimise operating costs, task efficiency and effectiveness in production, services and processes



Competency Area

Business Development and Strategy Management


Implement processes to monitor the progress of improvement activities against action plans

Recommend continuous improvement initiatives

Identify improvement goals to be achieved

Carry out improvement activities in accordance with action plans

Apply appropriate techniques for continuous process improvement

Monitor the progress of improvement activities and take appropriate corrective actions

Report and record the outcomes of improvement activities in accordance with organisational procedures

Facilitate the organisation’s systems and processes related to continuous improvement

Execute and supervise initiatives for continuous improvement

Implement and review savings, productivity and service improvements

Validate continuous improvement initiative and activities as planned

Update processes or procedures as a result of continuous improvement initiatives

Monitor continuous improvement progress against identified key performance indicators (KPIs)

Review the performance improvement before and after the implementation to identify further improvement opportunities

Execute corrective actions in accordance with organisational procedures for issues that arose during the implementation of continuous improvement activities

Lead the design and application of improvement tools and strategies

Manage systems and processes to facilitate continuous improvement initiatives

Review continuous improvement data and information to track improvement progress

Analyse, synthesise and interpret complex information

Manage the design and application of improvement tools and strategies

Review and endorse recommendations and plans for continuous improvement projects and activities

Monitor and review efficiency and effectiveness of continuous improvement activities against goals, targets and KPIs

Advocate continuous improvement culture across the organisation

Lead improvement opportunities in line with the organisation’s continuous improvement goals and targets

Keep abreast of industry best practices and trends

Evaluate the feasibility of new and emerging technologies, procedures and processes used in the industry or adjacent industries

Develop strategies to optimise the value chain of the organisation’s processes

Transform continuous improvement strategies into actionable plans

Manage change to facilitate transition or incorporation of new equipment, procedures or processes

Review improvement processes to identify further refinements

Promote a strong culture of continuous improvement across the organisation