Clinical Teaching and Supervision

Provide clinical teaching and supervision to develop capabilities and competencies of students and professionals



Competency Area

People Development


Support supervision of students and junior staff in developing their clinical skills and competencies

Give feedback to support learning

Assess, facilitate and teach students and support care staff in clinical areas

Recognise professional limitations and seek supervisors’ feedback

Apply clinical teaching methods to facilitate learning

Seek support or flag up learners’ issues to their supervisors

Recognise professional limitations and seek external guidance in domains or fields outside of professional practice or capacity

Supervise staff in developing their clinical skills, knowledge and competencies

Conduct on-the-job training programmes and clinical attachment programmes for students and staff

Establish clear learning expectations and goals

Provide feedback and performance reviews to support clinical learning

Guide clinical instructors or educators in developing clinical education programmes

/staff in the department

Assess competencies of students/ staff

Apply differentiated instructional and presentational learning tools to engage different types of learners

Support the integration of evidence-based practice within the learning environments

Improve clinical learning environments

Contribute to development of competency-based assessments for clinical practice

Oversee clinical supervision guidelines for the department

Develop clinical supervision guidelines for the department

Maintain a mentoring culture in the department and/or organisation

Provide resources and support to facilitate the development of students’ and staff’s clinical skills

Adopt clinical practice guidelines or clinical protocols to provide guidance to staff

Review clinical supervision frameworks for the department

Ensure adoption of best practices in clinical supervision

Appraise and implement overall supervision structures and/or guidelines