Clinical Support for Patient Service Associates

Assist with clinical duties or perform simple clinical procedures during consultation as instructed by registered practitioners and according to organisational guidelines and procedures



Competency Area

Patient Care


Prepare work place, equipment, PPE equipment for patient care procedures

Identify hazards, threats to safety and possible risks

Apply control procedures to minimise and avoid harm

Provide feedback to supervisor on hazards in work area and reporting Workplace Safety and Health incidents to appropriate personnel when incidents occur

Dispose and isolate all contaminated, sharp and hazardous items and wastes according to established organisational procedures

Clean and disinfect environmental surfaces contaminated with body fluids and waste spillages in accordance with established organisational procedures

Identify, isolate and report any faulty medical equipment and items to supervisor in accordance with established organisational procedures

Clean and restore work areas back to normal conditions in accordance with established organisational procedures

Ensure resources and equipment are adequate

for the healthcare professionals to deliver treatments to patients

Use personal protective equipment while assisting healthcare professionals in any medical procedures or consultation

Assemble the quantities and types of equipment, appliances and materials

Check and confirm that all resources are in a safe operating condition

Carry out hand washing in accordance to established organisational hygiene and infection control procedures

Check that all necessary medical items and instruments are prepared

Support healthcare professionals in performing clinical tests and procedures

Check that laboratory forms and specimen containers are labelled correctly

Assist healthcare personnel with collection of specimen

Communicate with patients on the procedural requirements

Take vital signs measurements for patients

Report abnormal vital signs

Assist patients to prepare for physical examinations or minor procedures

Perform basic clinical procedures under supervision

Check with appropriate personnel on the prescribed eye drops for the patients

Assist patients to the appropriate position for the application of eye drops in accordance with organisational procedures

Apply eye drops safely according to organisational procedures

Report abnormalities in the eye conditions to healthcare professionals or supervisor

Prepare patients for clinical procedures

Check that all equipment and materials used are intact and within their expiry dates

Dispose of waste materials in accordance with organisational procedures

Clean and store all reusable equipment in accordance with organisational procedures

Obtain consent from patients regarding the procedures

Perform clinical procedures including venepuncture, ECG and uroflowmetry according to protocol and guidelines

Perform necessary documentation for procedures administered

Highlight complicated cases and outliers according to guidelines

Check prescription labels against medication log and medication orders to ensure consistency

Verify prescription against patients’ identities

Check that patients receive sufficient supply of medication