Service Quality Management - Health

Manage, develop and review the quality with which services are provided to clients



Competency Area

Quality and Patient Safety


Adhere to service delivery standards and policies set

Identify how quality standards link to legislation, policies and procedures

Manage personal attitudes and behaviours in a work role and their impact on service quality

Execute personal responsibilities in line with service quality standards and procedures Seek guidance from senior staff in service delivery and escalate issues for assistance

Utilise resources appropriately and efficiently to contribute to service quality standards

Support audit preparations and processes

Maintain organisational service quality standards and policies

Maintain quality standards in practice and delivery of services

Escalate quality issues in care and service delivery

Participate in audit preparations, processes and follow-up plans

Implement service delivery standards in the unit or department and manage service quality

Maintain and monitor quality of care standards in service delivery

Communicate service quality standards and protocols/guidelines to relevant stakeholders

Guide staff on compliance to service quality standards and procedures

Manage complaints, compliments and feedback from clients

Implement service recovery processes

Participate in audit and post-audit follow-up action plans

Identify areas of improvement in service quality dimensions

Implement service quality initiatives

Develop and review service delivery standards for the unit or department

Develop quality standards and metrics for services based on organisation objectives, sector service standards and service quality audit results

Develop strategies to engage staff in providing quality service

Appraise staff on compliance to procedures and standards

Engage relevant stakeholders to provide formal and informal evaluation of services at regular intervals

Develop follow-up action plans to address audit and service quality gaps

Evaluate effectiveness, efficiency and quality of overall service in consideration of organisational priorities, processes, resources and expectations of the role

Manage escalated cases of complaints from clients

Oversee service lapses involving large compensation sums and media attention

Oversee service quality of aggregated patient services

Synergise multidisciplinary strategies to develop and drive service quality standards

Develop organisation- wide service quality standards in collaboration with professionals from other disciplines

Inculcate a culture of service excellence

Review organisation policies on service quality periodically to maintain service

standards according to legislation and population standards

Develop strategies, including audits, to ensure compliance to quality standards

Manage the effects of service quality on client trust, particularly for cases where service quality has fallen below organisational standards

Perform mediation for major service lapses

Endorse service quality standards developed for organisation

Endorse strategies to engage organisation’s staff to be committed to providing services of quality standards