Client Assessment in Therapy Support

Provide support to therapists in performing client assessments



Competency Area

Patient Care


Assist therapists in performing routine client assessments

Apply effective communication techniques

Check that all therapy equipment are in good working condition and all materials are ready and available for use

Dispose waste materials in accordance with organisational procedures

Apply infection control practices for self, environment and equipment

Perform selected client assessment tasks as instructed and guided by the therapists

Conduct assessments as instructed by therapists

Report unexpected client responses or issues that arise or are observed during or after the assessments to therapists

Set up the physical environment and equipment in accordance with safety and organisational procedures

Assist to move or transfer clients safely

Provide support and supervision to therapy support students and assistants

Assist to provide input for documentation on client assessments

Give feedback to support learning

Supervise therapy support students and therapy assistants in assigned clinical areas