Client Assessment for Occupational Therapy

Select, apply and interpret assessment methods and tools appropriate to individuals and/or groups



Competency Area

Patient Care


Conduct assessment of routine cases independently

Prepare for assessment

Verify the clients’ identity and condition

Obtain consent for procedures

Identify purpose of interviews and structure the interviews to achieve required outcomes

Interview clients and analyse clients’ responses using clinical reasoning to identify relationships between assessment findings

Integrate information from case notes and other stakeholders

Select appropriate assessment methods for routine cases independently and complex cases with guidance if required

Assess clients’ functional performance and occupational profile within their environmental context

Identify limitations in the assessments carried out such as clients’ physical condition or level of understanding of the procedures

Take appropriate steps to address the gaps identified

Interpret results for routine cases

Interpret results in complex cases with guidance if required

Integrate results from different assessments

Report unexpected client responses or problem areas in the conduct of the assessments to supervisor

Document the assessments conducted in case notes in accordance to organisational procedures and guidelines

Demonstrates flexibility in selection and modification of assessment methods.

Perform case history taking for complex cases requiring more in- depth knowledge

Select appropriate assessment methods for complex cases

Integrate and modify the assessment methods where relevant

Involve multidisciplinary teams in assessment of complex cases if required

Interpret results for complex cases in collaboration with other professionals if required

Integrate knowledge gathered by other professionals to form a holistic clinical impression of the clients

Differentiate various conditions that may be interacting to ensure accurate interpretation of results

Evaluate existing assessment practices

Interpret results for cases requiring expert or specialised knowledge

Share specialty knowledge with care teams

Evaluate trends in assessment practices in defined client populations

Integrate new evidence- based assessment methodologies into existing practices

Develop and refine clinical practice guidelines and assessment practices for client groups

Develop assessment approaches for the organisation incorporating leading occupational therapy assessment approaches

Analyse, evaluate and synthesise new assessment methods

Interpret national professional policies in terms of specialist areas

Evaluate extant tools to determine accuracy of assessment tools

Shape assessment practices for defined client populations across organisations based on evidence- based practices

Develop guidelines and protocols to ensure accuracy in interpretation of assessment findings in the organisation