Sales Target Management

Evaluate and monitor sales target and performance to plan and initiate actions to achieve excellence in sales delivery



Competency Area

Product, Sales and Market Management


Analyse and report feedback from buyers and/or suppliers and colleagues on sales factors

Generate sales data and plan against sales targets

Analyse feedback from buyer and/or supplier on factors affecting sales

Analyse market intelligence on competitors and buyer and/or supplier demand

Provide inputs to sales target development

Execute sales plan to generate sales and achieve sales targets

Guide sales performance, evaluate and monitor productivity against business objectives

Set sales teams’ targets, sales performance metrics and KPIs according to overall sales targets

Develop sales plan according to sales targets •Motivate team to achieve sales targets through communication

Review business environment and raise potential changes in targets

Evaluate sales channels’ and sales teams’ performance against sales target

Develop responsive actions to improve sales performance and achievement of sales targets

Analyse the organisation’s value proposition over competitors’ products and service offerings

Achieve sales targets with specific buyers and/or suppliers

Translate organisational strategic direction into sales, targets and objectives

Forecast sales from sales data to determine overall sales targets

Set sales performance metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for overall sales targets

Guide development of sales plan to achieve overall sales targets

Evaluate business environment to determine potential impact and changes to sales targets

Revise overall sales target in alignment with current business environment and overall sales performance

Evaluate organisation’s sales performance against overall sales targets