Billing Procedures

Perform and manage billing procedures and finance-related activities



Competency Area

Department Management


Perform billing and refund activities accurately according to procedures

Verify identification documents from patients

Perform payment collection procedures

Reconcile payments collected

Process refunds or bill amendments according to organisational procedures

Explain to patients financial obligations and payment options including subsidies available

Advise patients on various financial options, obligations and support available

Identify situations where patients’ financial coverage is insufficient and report accordingly

Provide suggestions and options to patients dealing with insufficient financial coverage

Handle cash floats according to organisational procedures

Follow escalation process to alert relevant persons when bill amendments and refunds are required

Close counter transactions in accordance with organisational policies

Manage payment and billing exceptions

Review and endorse payment exceptions including refunds and amendments according to organisational procedures

Follow up with bill amendments in accordance with organisational procedures

Conduct basic investigation of the root causes of computer- generated bills for errors

Resolve errors in financial payment reconciliations

Advise staff on corrective actions

Report issues of gross misconduct and/or negligence to supervisors

Facilitate billing and financial counselling activities

Close counter transactions in accordance with organisational policies

Reconcile cash with computer-generated reports

Resolve discrepancies in cash floats

File and sort documents during handovers and check for completeness

Oversee accurate submission of end-of-day financial reports

Manage escalated exceptions and downgrading processes

Identify circumstances where patients are eligible for downgrading

Liaise with medical social workers to help patients experiencing financial difficulties with their medical expenses

Resolve escalated payment exceptions and bill amendments