Sales Strategy

Develop a sales strategy, plan and targets, considering market potential, industry trends and various internal and external business factors as well as the evaluation and further refinement of the sales strategy



Competency Area

Product, Sales and Market Management


Analyse market information and sales opportunities in finanical markets

Interpret market information to identify potential sales opportunities

Gather information on organisation’s sales plans for further analysis

Monitor sales plan performance

Communicate effectiveness of sales and marketing activities to senior team members

Monitor sales strategies and identify areas for refinement

Develop and implement a sales action plan evaluate effectiveness and propose refinements

Translate product or service roadmaps into a sales action plan for business units

Support development of sales plans based on organisation sales cycles, client profile and product performance trends

Drive the implementation of the sales plans

Cascade sales targets of business units to different individuals

Evaluate outcomes and effectiveness of sales and marketing activities

Propose changes and refinements to short term sales strategies

Assess market potential, and formulate strategies to generate demand

Assess customers and market potential in the context of the organisation's business model

Highlight key trends in the market and related industries that impact demand for organisation's products and services Consider impact of market trends, competitors’ activities and sales expansion potential on sales plan

Formulate sales plans

Develop a strategy to create market demand for organisation's key products and services

Set targets for individual business functions

Modify sales strategies and plans based on evaluation of outcomes

Define an overarching sales strategy integrating macro- trends, in line with market projections

Forecast sales growth based on a holistic understanding of broad industry trends, economic indicators and internal business factors

Define overarching sales strategy in line with market projections and business objectives

Align sales and revenue

generation strategies with the broader business strategy

Establish target market and customers for products and services

Set sales targets on an enterprise level

Integrate sales strategies with market strategies and other business functions