Respiratory Care in Nursing

Care of patients with respiratory disorders



Competency Area

Patient Care


Record respiration and oxygen saturation rates

Collect assessment data on respiration rate

Assist in administration of oxygen

Report patients’ respiratory status and oxygen saturation to trained nurse respiration

Perform pulse oximetry monitoring

Perform airway management and respiratory care

Administer oxygen therapy after verifying doctors’ orders

Perform oral and nasal suctioning

Administer nebulisation and inhaler therapy

Provide care to patients with tracheostomy

Provide care to patients with chest tube drainage system

Document procedures provided

Evaluate procedures provided

Assist patients in performing coughing and breathing exercises with the application of handheld mucus clearance devices

Perform complex airway management and respiratory care

Perform assessments of the lungs through auscultation

Formulate nursing care plans based on assessment findings

Evaluate patients’ treatment and/or care plans based on the assessment findings

Interpret clinical and laboratory results

Administer medication and intravenous fluids as prescribed

Provide guidance and supervision to junior healthcare personnel

Respond to emergencies related to airway management

Provide care to patients requiring non-invasive positive pressure ventilation

Perform insertion of oropharyngeal airway and nasopharyngeal airway after sizing

Assist in endotracheal intubation

Provide care to patients with endotracheal tubes Perform extubation of endotracheal tubes according to organisational policies

Assist in percutaneous tracheostomy insertions

Provide care to patients requiring mechanical ventilation and use of cough assist devices if needed

Provide education to patients on the use of peak flow meter and handheld mucus clearance devices

Provide counselling to patients for smoking cessation

Consult respiratory therapists for additional support treatments

Perform, supervise, educate and evaluate staff on airway management and respiratory care

Perform mask fitting and trouble shooting,

Set up of ambulatory respiratory devices

Set up ambulatory chest drainage system

Ensure staff compliance to guidelines, protocol of respiratory care

Participate in the research associated in respiratory care

Review existing and/or new development on respiratory care and management

Maintain staff’s competency on respiratory care

Develop new services on respiratory care

Set standards of practices for respiratory care

Generate new and/or emerging knowledge in respiratory care through research

Collaborate with government bodies and key stakeholders in the healthcare group to formulate the management and continuity of care for the respiratory patients across care spectrum