Self-Assessment (Reflective Practice)

Conduct regular self-assessment of own competence in order to continuously develop as a professional



Competency Area

Ethics and Professionalism


Apply self- awareness and self-care principles for personal and professional development

Demonstrate emotional resilience

Recognise impact of own attitudes, values and beliefs on work activities

Recognise personal strengths and weaknesses for improvement

Accept and use feedback effectively

Identify limitations in professional competencies and qualities and seek development

Identify and recognise limitations relating to current professional capacity

Manage impact of personal characteristics on professional activities

Evaluate the efficacy of own activities and service provision

Determine learning needs and apply learnings for personal and professional improvement

Plan own learning development and discuss development needs

Utilise supervision, peer feedback, experience, knowledge and skills appropriately to improve professional practice and resolution of personal issues and conflicts

Manage the complexities and sensitivities of client issues in professional practice

Apply general self- awareness, self- assessment and self- monitoring skills

Recognise own strength, weaknesses, values, beliefs and the impact they may have on professional practice

Reflect upon personal effectiveness

Demonstrate self- awareness and sensitivity in working as a reflective professional within ethical and professional practice frameworks

Establish, prioritise, implement, and evaluate professional development plans to meet learning needs, and apply learning into own professional practice

Evaluate personal effectiveness, and develop plans to improve professional practice

Practice effective self- care management to prevent burnout

Seek out peer supervision

Analyse what is required for competent, effective and safe practice, and provide active support for professional staff development

Monitor, evaluate and reflect on professional practice including knowledge and skills, attitudes and behaviours, experiences, improvement areas and outcomes of work

Actively seek constructive feedback from peers, supervisors, experienced professionals within or outside of professional practice

Identify the supervision and support systems available within and outside the organisation

Drive support systems and create an environment that facilitates reflective practice

Review effectiveness of development opportunities in meeting professional practice needs of the organisation

Use supervision and support to continually assess the implications to inform personal and professional developmental needs

Evaluate self-care strategies within the department for effectiveness

Validate reflection with peers or supervisors

Evaluate training resources to determine if they are appropriate for professional development

Develop frameworks and action plans to prioritise aspects of professional practice for development

Create a climate of accountability and commitment for self- improvement

Build a department of professionals with high levels of professional accountability and commitment

Promote a safe environment for self- assessment and professional development and advocate for others to do so