Quality Improvement and Safe Practices

Drive continuous improvement, risk management and implementation of safety design principles to achieve quality and patient safety outcomes



Competency Area

Quality and Patient Safety


Assist in continuous improvement and patient safety processes within own work areas

Suggest areas for continuous improvement within own work areas

Apply continuous improvement techniques

Apply best practice standards to provide safe care

Carry out improvement activities in accordance with action plans under supervision

Support implementation of continuous improvement in quality and patient safety

Identify areas of improvement in quality and safety of patient care

Monitor the progress of improvement activities and take appropriate corrective actions as guided

Assist in collecting and compiling data to measure the outcomes of the improvement activities

Report outcomes of improvement activities in accordance with organisational procedures

Feedback on areas of improvement for current clinical services offered

Collect staff and client feedback on clinical services

Support quality improvement projects related to clinical services

Provide recommendations based on self- assessments of clinical efficiency, safety and efficacy

Implement continuous improvement in quality and patient safety

Review outcomes of care

Analyse errors to propose potential areas for improvement

Develop innovative solutions to supplement gaps and address hazards of care as guided by supervisors

Implement quality and patient safety improvement projects as guided by supervisors

Synergise client and professional feedback to identify improvement areas in current service offerings

Provide recommendations based on feedback from clients and other professionals as well as self-assessments for consideration by senior staff

Evaluate current services offered to identify areas for improvement

Lead quality improvement projects

Lead the design and application of improvement strategies and tools to enhance quality and safety

Apply organisational investigation and analysis processes for teams and individuals

Implement recommendations based on the evaluations conducted on clinical incidents

Equip staff in clinical incidents and severe adverse event management

Investigate care delivery problems, clinical contexts, contributory factors and their interrelation to the clinical incidents or adverse events

Develop reports of incidents or adverse event investigation outcomes and recommendations to address root causes of clinical incidents or adverse events

Transform continuous improvement strategies into actionable plans

Manage change to facilitate transition or incorporation of new equipment, procedures or processes

Review department investigation procedures and reports of clinical incidents and severe adverse events

Develop preventative measures informed by findings from clinical incidents and adverse event reports

Establish continuous improvement quality systems

Drive improvement opportunities in line with organisation’s continuous improvement goals and targets

Formulate targets for quality improvement initiatives

Keep abreast of industry best practices and trends

Evaluate the feasibility of new and emerging technology, procedures and processes used in the industry or adjacent industries

Establish local documented processes for identifying, managing and reporting clinical incidents

Promote a strong culture of quality and safety across the organisation

Develop priorities and strategies for quality improvement and patient safety

Provide resources to achieve quality and patient safety objectives

Apply system thinking concepts and principles to drive organisational wide improvements