Ambulatory Care Service Support

Provide support to team in the provision of ambulatory care services in pharmacist-led services



Competency Area

Patient Care


Provide administrative support in the provision of ambulatory care services

Arrange for clinic appointments as ordered by pharmacists

Explain the relevant documents provided to patients at the end of clinic visits

Follow up with no-show patients and patients who require closer monitoring

Document follow-up actions taken and inform pharmacists where appropriate

Obtain relevant information on patients’ clinical condition via various communication modes

Escalate to pharmacists where pharmacists’ input is necessary in a timely manner

Provide clinic support in the provision of ambulatory care services

Check and confirm appropriate methods of health measurement status

Prepare appropriate equipment and materials required for basic health measurement

Prepare patients for basic health measurement

Record the outcomes of measurements

Report abnormal measurement outcomes to pharmacists or supervisor

Clean and restore the equipment in accordance with organisational procedures

Provide patient counselling and education to support pharmacist-led ambulatory care services

Elicit information on patients’ lifestyles and habits that may contribute to presenting conditions or diagnosis

Use appropriate questions and screening tools

Seize opportunities to provide general health advice

Provide customised, appropriate and practical counselling in disease management

Monitor patient disease management parameters via telecommunications or e-communications

Document all clinical findings and summary of communications into the relevant database after patient interactions

Escalate to pharmacists when necessary in a timely manner