Public Relations Management

Manage organisation's strategic direction in the management of the organisation's corporate reputation.



Competency Area

Business Management


Maintain media relations to strengthen organisation’s external reputation

Maintain media relations

Organise press events

Implement public relations processes to mitigate reputational risks of organisation

Draft press releases

Develop media relations and thought leadership content to strengthen organisation’s reputation

Develop media relations locally

Facilitate press events

Develop public relations management and communications plans

Develop public relations processes to mitigate reputational risk of organisation and union relations risks

Review press release statements

Lead organisation’s PR strategies, media relations and thought leadership

Drive key media relations locally and transnationally

Devise long-term directions for press releases

Drive press events

Formulate public relations strategies to elevate positive reputation of organisation building upon corporate ethics and governance

Lead public relations processes that avoid creating reputational risk for organisation

Drive relationships with union leaders in industry