Business Performance Management

Implement organisational performance systems to meet business plans and objectives by establishing performance indicators, tracking progress and addressing gaps



Competency Area

Business Development and Strategy Management


Monitor performance of the department

Document operational functions of the organisational performance systems within the department

Perform regular tests and checks on business processes according to monitoring and testing procedures

Track the progress and performance of business processes by comparing test results against key performance indicators

Identify gaps in business processes based on test results and highlight areas for improvement

Perform modifications to close the gaps found in business functions according to requirements of action plans

Manage organisation performance systems across departments

Implement organisational performance systems within the department whilst taking into account its unique requirements

Design monitoring and testing procedures for processes within the department that are aligned to the requirements of key performance indicators

Evaluate performance of the department against goals set

Perform gap analysis on the gaps identified within the department

Identify root causes for gaps between current and future state of department based on the gap analysis

Develop reports with recommendations on how to address root causes and close gaps in the department

Translate blueprints into implementable action plans

Formulate organisational performance systems and key performance indicators in alignment with organisation’s vision, mission and values

Develop organisational performance systems that are in line with business plans and objectives

Oversee the implementation of organisational performance systems to ensure consistency across the organisation

Develop key performance indicators to assess the overall performance of the organisation based on emerging trends

Perform root cause analysis of organisational performance systems

Review reports and develop blueprints to address gaps identified

Establish organisational guidelines for performance systems according to objectives

Establish organisational guidelines for the adoption of organisational performance systems according to business objectives

Review organisation performance systems to ensure their alignment with organisational vision, mission and values

Endorse key performance indicators in assessing

organisational performance as per industry best practices and regulatory standards

Review blueprints for addressing gaps found in business processes to ensure their alignment with organisational mission and objectives