Nutrition and Fluids Management in Nursing

Support patients in maintaining optimal nutrients and fluids to meet the body requirements



Competency Area

Patient Care


Assist patients in oral feeding

Select the right diets to the right patients

Position the patients in a semi-Fowler’s or high-Fowler’s prior to feeding

Use thickeners in right consistency for correct mixtures, as supervised

Monitor and document intake and output chart

Observe for signs of choking or swallowing difficulties during feeding

Report observations and abnormalities to trained nurse

Assist in enteral feeding including nasogastric (NG) and percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy (PEG) tubes

Perform nasogastric (NG) tube insertions

Confirm correct placement of NG and percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy (PEG) tube prior to feeding

Perform bolus, intermittent, continuous NG and PEG feeding

Observe the feeding tube for patency and free flow of enteral feeding

Perform flushing of feeding tubes with water before and after each feeding

Monitor the feeding pumps for appropriate flow rates as indicated

Implement nutritional care plans

Monitor for signs and symptoms of aspiration pneumonia

Teach patients and caregivers on self-care management for patients with enteral feeding

Supervise support care staff on oral feeding of patients

Perform parenteral nutrition, fluids and electrolytes management

Conduct nutritional assessments of the patients

Collaborate with inter- professional teams in developing nutritional care for the patients

Monitor nutrition status of the patients against the expected outcomes indicated in the care plans

Confirm placement of NG tubes through radiology reports

Administer parenteral nutrition regimen as prescribed

Monitor and report complications associated with parenteral nutrition

Perform patient and caregiver education on parenteral nutrition

Provide supervision to junior staff in performing oral and/or enteral feeds