Non-sterile Compounding

Prepare and perform small scale compounding of extemporaneous pharmaceutical products



Competency Area

Drug Compounding and Management


Prepare and perform small- scale compounding of non- sterile extemporaneous products

Pack, label and place finished non-sterile extemporaneous products using appropriate storage containers and closures in compliance with worksheet specifications and organisational guidelines

Dispose of waste correctly in accordance with organisational guidelines

Select formulation corresponding to non- sterile extemporaneous products to be compounded

Differentiate active ingredients from excipients

Maintain work areas before and after for compounding activities in accordance with organisational guidelines

Prepare and measure raw ingredients for compounding according to formulations and/or worksheet specifications

Prepare tools and equipment required for compounding

Document accurately and completely on worksheets in accordance with organisational guidelines

Prepare labels that are consistent with labelling requirements and details on worksheets

Perform compounding using appropriate compounding techniques and in the appropriate sequence

Obtain appropriate authorisations and checks at designated points according to worksheets

Perform visual inspection on finished non-sterile extemporaneous products for particulate contamination and homogeneity

Identify and report concerns to supervisors on compromises to the integrity of products and consumables

Verify products in accordance to requirements

Verify ingredients and amounts used in compounding processes

Confirm shelf-life of products is valid in accordance to prescriptions

Verify products against the orders approved by pharmacists

Calculate weight, volume, quantity, dilutions and percentages required for each of the raw ingredients in products

Complete, reconcile and file compounding records in accordance with organisational guidelines