Medication Dispensing

Process prescriptions and medication orders and dispense medication accurately. Resolve medication incidents including dispensing errors and near misses.



Competency Area

Drug Compounding and Management


Process prescriptions and/or medication orders according to organisational guidelines

Identify required drugs and ingredients by the International Non- proprietary Name (INN), generic, common or brand names

Identify basic drug- related problems in prescriptions and/or medication orders

Prioritise the order in which prescriptions are processed

Enter prescription data accurately into patients’ medication records

Perform pharmaceutical calculations

Pack medications accurately according to prescriptions

Apply legible, comprehensible and complete labels to packed medicines

Replenish stock of pre- packed medication

Issue stocks to relevant locations

Identify and report medication incidents including near misses, dispensing errors, verifications and outcomes to supervisors

Check that medications and labels are prepared in accordance to prescriptions

Validate prescriptions in accordance to legal requirements and organisational guidelines

Identify invalid or deficit prescriptions

Seek rectification from prescribers on invalid or deficit prescriptions

Identify the prescribed drugs on prescriptions

Dispense prescriptions accurately

Compare patient’s medication history with current medication information

Identify common drug- related problems (DRP) in prescription

Liaise with prescribers to identify suitable alternative products where supply difficulties are apparent

Dispense medication or prescriptions accurately to the correct patients

Counsel patients on the correct use of medications including proper storage conditions

Check patients’ medication compliance

Verify patients’ occurrence of adverse drug reactions with the prescribed medications

Report to supervisors when problems or errors arise during dispensing processes

Manage medication incidents including near misses and dispensing errors

Verify feedback related to medication incidents including near misses and dispensing errors provided by patients and next-of-kins (NOKs) and other healthcare providers

Investigate feedback on medication incidents including near misses and dispensing errors under pharmacists’ supervision

Draft responses on medication incidents to feedback providers

Conduct risk-benefit assessments on drugs prescribed to patients

Provide evidence-based literature research to check for uncommon drug contraindications

Supervise dispensing and pre-packaging workflows to ensure junior staff maintain the standards required of them

Review dispensing workflows, taking into account feedback and complaints received

Prepare incident reports of medication incidents including near misses and dispensing errors, with verifications and outcomes, if any, for submission to pharmacists-in-charge

Review existing dispensing workflows to align standards and guidelines to best practices

Plan corrective actions based on feedback and complaints received on medication incidents including near misses and dispensing errors

Conduct workflow improvement projects for dispensing services

Implement corrective actions according to organisational guidelines

Communicate to stakeholders for the potential follow-up actions required to prevent medication incidents