Programme Delivery

Deliver learning experiences according to the profile and learning needs of the students, staff or professionals, including the provision of mentorship or coaching.



Competency Area

Education for Healthcare Professions


Deliver on-the-job training (OJT) for staff according to materials and guidelines developed

Identify key work processes or job functions for OJT

Deliver training as outlined in OJT blueprints in a conducive manner

Highlight to supervisors gaps in the delivery and receptiveness of training programmes

Assess learners’ learning progress in teams to ensure alignment with respective key work processes and job functions

Communicate the main components of the OJT systems to staff and relevant stakeholders

Gather feedback on the training provided

Identify disruptive learner behaviours

Conduct training for learners according to programme design

Assess learners’ progress using appropriate methods, providing timely feedback to participants

Identify the appropriate methodologies to gather feedback on trainings provided

Identify and manage learners’ behaviours to achieve intended learning outcomes

Manage disruptive learner behaviours effectively

Implement education and training programmes, and conduct training for learners

Identify gaps in staff, professionals or students’ ability to deliver training programmes or presentations effectively

Recognise the need to adjust training programmes to match the needs and characteristics of learners and adjust accordingly

Identify and reduce barriers to learning

Review with learners opportunities to transfer learning to the workplace

Create and maintain conducive learning environments

Mentor identified staff members to develop skill sets for career progression

Deliver training on supervisory frameworks to staff with direct reports to enable them to identify learning needs of team members

Drive the development of healthcare professionals through specialised training

Conduct train-the-trainer programmes for junior staff

Enable junior staff or direct reports to deliver training to relevant healthcare professionals, students and schools through coaching on the best practices, delivery styles and other relevant factors in programme delivery

Influence organisational structures and cultures to ensure delivery of continuous education and training for mentors and assessors

Deliver and/or guide academic programmes designed in collaboration with Institutes of Higher Learning and training institutions

Deliver training in specialty areas to other healthcare professionals

Develop new or improved delivery methods to enhance learning through collaboration and discussion with experts in other disciplines

Guide incorporation of innovative educational technologies to enhance learning

Guide training delivery and performance standards expected of presenters and facilitators to enable the effective delivery of content to learners and audiences

Mentor successors and staff to deliver higher clinical standards and drive the development of innovative delivery methods through collaborations and discussions with external stakeholders to improve the standards of continuous education programmes