Market Research

Establish procedures in gathering, analysing and interpreting information about markets, products or services to be offered in a particular market and present findings to relevant stakeholders



Competency Area

Stakeholder and Customer Management


Support collection of market data

Support market data collection process

Interpret reliability and accuracy of data

Support validation of data collected

Analyse market data to draw preliminary findings of markets, products or services

Organise relevant statistical or forecasting models for data analysis

Implement research methods to collect market data

Perform data analysis through selection of appropriate statistical methods when projecting findings

Organise selection of target markets and needs derived from analysis

Maintain ongoing research to ensure product offering is appropriate for the market

Develop in-depth analysis of markets, products or services for communication to stakeholders

Facilitate application of advanced statistical tools to achieve research objectives

Review market data to predict trends, dynamics and market movements

Review market data collected to identify gaps and weaknesses

Facilitate solutions to address weaknesses in analytics

Facilitate identification of market potentials and trends

Facilitate discussion of results in the form of hypotheses

Conduct presentations in clear and concise manner for intended audience

Guide discussion on market research findings for action by organisation

Formulate forecast of future market environment and trends from results of data analysis

Lead discussions on preliminary steps to meet forecasted scenarios

Formulate results- oriented plan utilising results of data analysis

Evaluate strategic options and risk factors of business opportunities to guide development of plans

Initiate discussions with stakeholders on appropriate future plans

Guide stakeholders endorsement by evaluating implications of marketing plan strategies