Product Performance Management

Determine effectiveness of financial products through measurement and analysis of data to enable continued performance in meeting intended goals



Competency Area

Product, Sales and Market Management


Analyse data to determine effectiveness of financial products and financial risks

Monitor performance indicators and feedback of products performance

Perform products offering matching to ensure they meet target customer profile needs Identify issues affecting products performance abilities

Support conduct of financial analyses on product

Identify factors driving performance of products

Implement monitoring and evaluation programmes

Analyse results and trends of products performance and identify possible areas of improvement

Perform cost-benefit and risk analyses on products

Resolve financial product performance issues and financial risk management activities

Determine products performance indicators in line with intended organisational goals

Articulate intended financial and non- financial goals for products

Identify assumptions, parameters and thresholds for assessing products

Design performance evaluation criteria and tools

Evaluate products performance based on sales figures and compare to intended financial goals

Build financial models to simulate product performance under various scenarios

Perform financial analyses and financial risk assessment on products

Perform analyses on the gaps identified in products and provide recommendations for improvements

Monitor trends and historical performance of product portfolios

Recommend product performance improvement and financial risk management activities

Drive performance evaluation metrics, outcomes and corrective actions for financial products

Endorse products performance indicators and ensure alignment to organisational goals and strategic objectives

Evaluate products performance according to established products performance indicators

Evaluate financial risk assessment findings for impact on product performance

Review and formulate solutions to improve products and corresponding financial performance

Review evaluation criteria and tools

Review issues and root causes that may affect products performance abilities

Review feedback from customers on products, content and experience performance

Review trends and historical data on performance of product portfolios to guide strategy development

Establish organisational guidelines for financial products performance management systems

Align products performance evaluation criteria in line with organisational goals

Formulate organisation- led strategies to address gaps in products performance

Design financial risk management and risk assessment frameworks for financial products

Devise frameworks to manage products performance

Lead identification and formulation of feedback channels from stakeholders