Product Design and Development

Manage new product design and development from research, conceptualisation, design, development, gatekeeping, piloting, market testing and evaluation to meet anticipated or known customer and market needs. This includes evaluating product suitability against defined requirements



Competency Area

Product, Sales and Market Management


Interpret new product development requirements and plans to conduct new product design

Identify market intelligence and anticipate client’s requirements, financial needs and preferences through communication and research

Interpret and operationalise new product development requirements and plans

Conduct new product design, development and testing activities

Utilise established data analytics and product structuring strategies to support product development process

Monitor and track implementation of development plans

Utilise gatekeeping approaches and stage gate process to review alignment of product to goals

Collaborate in integrated product development teams using new technology systems and tools

Recommend actions to close gaps between product and solutions designed and business requirements

Propose market testing and product performance evaluation with sales and marketing teams

Write technical reports detailing procedures, outcomes, and observations

Develop preliminary pricing strategies in collaboration with stakeholders

Establish new product development strategies and plans

Establish new product development and pricing strategies and plans according to organisational strategies and objectives

Identify anticipated changes and market dynamics which may impact product and management strategies

Define business and market parameters for product design and development

Review trials, market tests and suitability analysis to identify areas of improvement

Propose solutions in dealing with complex products and solutions

Verify whether products meet business requirements and up- scaling feasibility

Ensure implementation of stage gate process to enable product gatekeeping

Assess product development teams through technology applications and systems

Evaluate product portfolio against organisational business strategies

Formulate strategic directions for new product design to maintain competitiveness

Plan and set strategic directions in all aspect of organisation’s product design and development policies, objectives, and initiatives

Develop the organisation's competitive position and profitability strategy

Identify and advocate for technology which can drive product goals of the organisation

Assess the viability and suitability of product-to- market options

Define strategies for collaborative teamwork to achieve desired product design and development objectives