Security Education and Awareness

Drive security education and awareness in an organisation by providing advice and guidance on potential risks, mitigation strategies and best practices. This includes development of communication strategies and training materials to ensure employee adoption and adherence to security policies and standards



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Develop security education materials and manage delivery of security activities and programmes according to plan

Identify areas for improvement in the organisation's existing security practices

Develop security education materials

Execute endorsed security awareness activities according to a set plan

Implement security awareness projects

Measure effectiveness of security awareness programmes

Determine security knowledge requirements, plan and lead implement security education and awareness programmes

Define information or cyber security knowledge requirements for the organisation

Develop a business case for security education and awareness programmes

Define the objectives and key outcomes of security education and awareness initiatives

Manage a robust communication and engagement strategy

Develop alliances to raise security awareness, aligning security awareness programmes with business priorities and trends

Align security education and awareness initiatives with business priorities and emerging security trends

Lead critical communications of robust and compelling security education and awareness programmes

Project the business value, benefits and costs of security programmes

Establish strategic alliances with external stakeholders