Security Administration

Administer, configure and update of security programmes and mechanisms, including the application of system patches to ensure that enterprise assets are adequately protected against threats. This also includes the authorisation, management and monitoring of access control permissions and/or rights to various IT facilities



Competency Area

Design and Architecture


Run system diagnostic tools, install and update simple, basic security programmes, virus protection and system patches

Administer security programmes and updates

Install standard system patches to maintain a secure system environment

Run system and network diagnostic tools according to specifications

Modify system configuration as indicated by the system diagnostic tools

Scan the system and networks periodically to check and maintain virus protection

Apply basic access rights and permissions on a day to day basis, according to established protocols

Follow prescribed protocols to assess rules, access controls and configurations to report suspected anomalies

Assist in investigation of issues relating to security systems and access controls

Configure and troubleshoot programmes and analyse impact of patches and updates on system and networks

Administer new and complex security programmes for the organisation

Analyse the impact of patches and updates on current system

Perform non-standard system /and network administration and configuration of security mechanisms

Configure authentication software and features of network devices as required to protect against security threats

Perform post- implementation troubleshooting of security software

Assist users in defining and clarifying their access rights and privileges

Coordinate complicated access control rights, permissions and escalated issues

Investigate unauthorised access incidents according to established procedures

Plan the administration and technical operationalisation of security programmes, and investigate security breaches

Facilitate the administration and technical operationalisation of security programmes

Plan the installation of relevant hardware, software and operating systems to protect the organisation against threats

Update security administration plans and relevant personnel in view of new and emerging cybersecurity policies and security threats

Manage security administration processes to ensure requests, activities and updates are handled according to internal protocols

Establish access control rules and permissions, aligned with organisational priorities and security parameters

Facilitate organisation- wide communication of access control rules, rights and permissions

Plan monitoring and control methods for managing user access

Grant permissions for role-based access requests, based on their compliance with organisational standards and procedures

Investigate significant security breaches in information and system or network access and recommend required action