Risk Management - Workplace Safety and Health

Apply appropriate methodologies to assess workplace safety and health risks within an organisation



Competency Area

Technology Management


Develop a practical risk management plan to manage Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) risks in key industries

Formulate risk management plan in accordance to legal and other requirements

Establish method of monitoring implementation of risk management plan

Identify deviations from risk management plan and propose appropriate corrective actions

Evaluate effectiveness of implemented control measures to identify residual risks

Revise risk management plan for continual improvement

Use appropriate methodologies to conduct an evaluation of risk assessment process in an organisation

Determine elements of risk assessment process to evaluate risk exposures in the organisation

Identify WSH hazards,

including personal health issues, with risk assessment techniques and evaluate risk exposures in organisation using risk assessment methodologies

Monitor and review effectiveness of applying appropriate methodologies to conduct an assessmentof WSH process

Develop a rapid assessment and response system

Select appropriate risk assessment methodologies in WSH based on consideration of relevant factors

Establish risk characteristics of WSH hazards

Identify and use Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) tools to enhance WSH process