Radio Frequency Engineering

Design, deploy and maintain radio frequency infrastructure for IT systems and wireless communication networks



Competency Area

Hazards Management


Set up and tune radio frequency (RF) and analyse faults

Configure and deploy RF and analogue elements using appropriate tools and test equipment

Incorporate hardware and/or firmware modifications

Monitor performance indications of system and equipment

Identify faults and escalate where necessary in accordance with organisational procedures

Conduct unit testing and user confidence checks

Manage system-wide radio frequency (RF) faults to optimise performance

Identify requirements of RF sub-systems and perform integration

Simulate RF circuit designs and components

Investigate and resolve system-wide fault conditions

Calibrate and tune equipment and systems to optimise RF performance

Develop maintenance schedules and procedures for RF equipment and systems

Analyse performance to recommend

Design and evaluate radio frequency (RF) performance

Establish RF requirements and performance standards

Develop RF system architectures and ensure compliance to regulatory standards

Establish test specifications and methods

Oversee upgrades and modifications of equipment and systems

Apply best practices in the design of RF equipment and systems

Evaluate performance to prioritise improvements