Quality Engineering

Create, deploy and maintain quality-related systems, processes and tools to establish an environment that supports process and product quality



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Measure current process capability and identify areas for quality improvement

Measure quality of current processes using appropriate tools and techniques

Collect relevant data on current process capability to identify quality lapses and possible areas for improvement

Provide clarifications on quality-related processes an d tools to relevant stakeholders

Apply established infrastructure, processes and systems to identify and highlight lapses or deviations from required quality standards

Support communications and implementation of changes to business processes in line with objectives of quality management infrastructure

Maintain quality management infrastructure

Investigate process drivers of quality, and recommend quality management infrastructure, techniques and tools

Determine key performance measures and tools to evaluate existing systems, for assessment of current infrastructure and process capability

Analyse current process capability to investigate cause-and-effect relationships, process drivers of quality, and underlying causes of quality lapses

Recommend techniques and tools to facilitate process or product quality optimisation

Implement control systems to identify and correct deviations from required quality standards before they result in defects or disruptions

Deploy quality management infrastructure and ensure organisation understanding and acceptance of new systems, processes and tools

Manage maintenance of quality-related infrastructure to ensure that systems, processes and tools are properly followed and utilised

Develop quality-related infrastructure and practices, techniques, tools and control systems

Determine current process capability, monitor and evaluate performance of key systems and processes

Anticipate current and future needs of the organisation to preserve required quality standards

Develop quality-related infrastructure for process improvements with reference to relevant quality management methodologies and internal capabilities

Establish organisation- wide practices and norms to create a culture that encourages high quality products and processes

Introduce new techniques and tools to optimise process and product quality

Establish control systems to guide processes toward reaching optimal quality

Drive deployment of quality-related infrastructure that yields business value

Manage implementation of quality systems and processes, in ensuring alignment with business direction